4 Reasons to Schedule a Visit! 

Bunzl Retail Services - Be Immersed in Creativity
1. Be Immersed in Creativity

It’s hard not to be impressed when you enter our showroom. As one recent visitor said, 

“I felt like a little kid walking into a candy store. It was a visual merchandiser’s dream.”

Each space is curated by our in-house team to feature unique product merchandising, displays, lighting, custom packaging, and more.

You’ll see greenery, earthy wood scenes and high-end luxury moments. With a dedicated holiday space featuring various styles of trees, ornaments, wreaths, and décor, you can mix and match to create something uniquely wonderful.

No matter your brand aesthetic, you’ll find something to inspire your next retail promotion. Our dedicated design team stays up to date on all the latest retail and consumer shopping trends as well as timeless classics.  

2. Get Out of the Routine

It can be easy to fall back into what’s safe or “the usual,” when it comes to retail visual merchandising and custom packaging. Exploring a new space that’s teeming with new colors, shapes and ideas can ignite novel concepts.

Susan Devine, the Senior Director of Sales for visual and packaging says, “Our showroom is the perfect place for you to come in and explore the possibilities. Whether you are looking to enhance, transform or create a new custom design, we are here to dig in, together with you.”

Seeing these new themes and ideas can encourage your team to take creative risks and find new ways to engage with shoppers.

Bunzl Retail Services 3. Touch, Feel and Compare
3. Touch, Feel and Compare

Get a 360-degree look at retail displays and environments, and see how things are made to help make more informed choices.

The ability to touch and feel textures is helpful in selecting the right products. Compare aspects such as different material weights, colors, handles and closures, embossing and more. The opportunity to open and interact with the packaging like your customers can be priceless.

Bunzl Retail Services 4. Collaborate in Real Time
4. Collaborate in Real Time

The ideation and decision-making process becomes expedited when teams can sit down and have a conversation in person.

Our project team listens to your needs and goals and will brainstorm and develop a plan together. Hearing about previous challenges, key factors to consider, and candid discussions about a retailer’s plan and vision help tremendously to improve the process and outcome.

With a huge backroom of inventory that can easily be pulled down and sampled, a vision comes to life more tangibly and the possibilities are endless.  

Retail teams may also learn that we can offer other complementary services that will improve their efficiency, delivery times or budget. For example, Bunzl Retail Services can also handle new store openings, remodels, and store closures. Beyond retail operations supplies, we also offer expert demand planning and forecasting. With a broader, more comprehensive vision we can help to increase your overall retail efficiency.

We hope to see you in our one-of-a-kind showroom soon! Schedule a personal tour at bunzlservices.com/showroom.