Our Values

Our focus is our people
and our retail customers.

We are a team of innovators and problem-solvers,
from our warehouses to the corporate office, and
we are committed to helping retailers thrive.

bunzl retail services values

We care.

We care about each other, our clients, and our local communities.

We preserve dignity in all our interactions. We value your time and show that through strong communication and responsiveness.

We value our employees’ time by promoting work-life balance, teamwork and collaboration.


Team over self.

We seek the solution that serves the greater good, even when it may be the harder route.

We balance the needs of clients and employees in every decision we make.

We support our customers in their pursuit for sustainability and strive to lessen our own footprint every day.

Relentless drive for success.

We believe that the status quo is never good enough.

We seek innovation and new efficiencies to create value for our customers.

We are problem-solvers who create innovative and sustainable solutions.

Committed to retail omnichannel optimization.

Bunzl Retail Services is America's #1 consolidated
distributor of supplies to regional and national retailers.