New Store Openings

Delivering everything needed for seamless new store openings

Bunzl Retail Services knows that first impressions matter, so it's important that new stores open on-time with all of the necessary supplies, fixtures and signage in place.


Specialized in new store set-up

New store openings require unique systems and processes to ensure on-time fulfillment 100% fill rate.

Bunzl Retail Services new store opening services, include:
• Unlimited product offering
• Guaranteed delivery
• Special pallet configuration
• Sequenced loading
• Special labeling & kitting

Proven track record of success

Each year, Bunzl Retail Services provides consolidation and kitting services to retailers for more than 3,000 new store openings and remodels.

The team has a proven track record of success by helping retailers eliminate confusion of lost and damaged freight, late deliveries and ensuing delays in store construction.

No-headache return of excess fixtures

Not only does Bunzl Retail Services deliver consolidated and kitted fixtures and supplies to new store locations, it also offers a no-headache return of excess supplies.

Any accidental overbuy or excess in fixtures, signage or supplies can be easily returned by the store without disrupting the crucial first few weeks of NSO sales.


We understand that new store openings are highly time sensitive and high exposure.

Bunzl Retail Services provides consolidation and logistics services of fixtures, signage,
supplies and other necessary goods-not-for-resale (GNRF) for new store openings
across the country – a vital service in a time sensitive (often chaotic) environment.

Why risk a delayed new store opening?

Bunzl Retail Services has helped retailers open thousands of stores across the country – on-time and on-budget.