Existing Store Remodels

Bunzl Retail Services helps reduce the everyday disruption that store remodels cause.

Existing store renovations and remodels already cause enough disruption in the shopper experience, so the Bunzl Retail Service team helps compress timelines and improve store operations during the remodel.


Trusted by top national retailers from across the U.S.

Bunzl Retail Services works with hundreds of regional and national retailers from across the country for all of their retail store operations needs–including support during store remodels and renovations.

In fact, Bunzl Retail Services does more than 3,000 new store openings and remodel projects every year with high levels of customer satisfaction. Plus, Bunzl Retail Services offers all services needed, except construction, for a successful store remodel.

Less disruptions for an improved shopper experience

Store remodels and renovations are proven to reduce daily sales while construction is taking place, even when the store location is kept open. Bunzl Retail Services helps retailers compress their remodel timelines with fixture and asset kitting and consolidation.

With departmental sorting, staging and delivery (down to the case), Bunzl Retail Services improves not only the success of the remodel, but also store operations during construction.

Specialized focus on store remodels and renovations

Bunzl Retail Services has an unparalleled level of experience in store remodel and renovation programs. With an extensive national reach, end-to-end supply chain visibility, and years of experience, we are the experts in helping retailers with their necessary remodels and renovations.

With a specialized focus in store remodels and renovations, Bunzl Retail Services can customize any program to provide kitting and consolidation and distribution of all materials necessary for a store remodel roll-out.


Bunzl Retail Services provides full-service kitting and distribution for store remodels, from delivery of the new to removal of the old.

Store remodels are a complex project since they require a coordinated kitting, consolidation and distribution of fixtures, signage and materials for the remodel plans, as well as a similarly designed consolidation of all old and outdated assets. Bunzl Retail Services is able to also manage the return of assets, through a variety of services including recycling, refurbishing, liquidation and/or return-to-vendor (RTV) options.

Why let remodels taking longer than they already have to?

Leverage the expertise and experience of Bunzl Retail Services.