Store Closures

Retailers turn to Bunzl Retail Services to efficiently remove all store assets from closing locations.

Bunzl Retail Services provides a unique return of assets portfolio of services for store locations that are closing.


Efficiently remove all store assets to reduce expenses

Once product inventory is removed from the store, the quicker and more efficient that store assets can be removed is the quicker lease expenses for the location diminish. In addition, Bunzl Retail Services is able to help retailers make the best use of store assets including re-use or liquidation.

Experienced in store closure asset kitting and distribution

Bunzl Retail Services has an unparalleled level of experience in store closure programs. With an extensive national reach, end-to-end supply chain visibility, and years of experience, we are the experts in helping retailers with their necessary removal of assets when closing store locations.

Consolidated removal with a variety of recycling programs

Whether store assets can be restocked at other stores, liquidated, or recycle its materials, Bunzl Retail Services works with retailers to sustainably remove all assets from closing store locations in order to maintain its sustainability commitments.


Once the inventory has been liquidated, closed stores depend on the efficient removal of all store assets to quickly vacate leases and reduce other unnecessary expenses.

Bunzl Retail Services provides the experience and expertise necessary for retailers to efficiently close store operations at their select locations with a single consolidation point of return where assets can be recycled, liquidated, restocked and/or returned to vendor depending on the retailer's unique needs.

Why let an underperforming store
cost you any more that it already has?