Cannabis Dispensary

Cannabis dispensaries have unique supplies needs.

From the waiting rooms and lobbies, to the showroom and consultant counters, to the backroom and storage, cannabis dispensaries have a wide assortment of supplies needs.


Creating innovative
solutions for a
growing segment

As more and more cannabis dispensaries open, the shopping experience becomes more important than ever before.

Plus, as State laws dictate various aspects of the business, you need a partner who can find creative ways to deliver supplies programs to fill all needs of the business.

Designing scalable supplies program as footprints expand

Cannabis dispensaries are being opened one by one in states, one-by-one; however, as speed-to-market because ever important, Bunzl Retail Services partners with growing dispensary brands to help design scalable supplies programs that grow just as fast as they are.

Leveraging best practices from other retail segments

While cannabis dispensaries are new, retail is not. With Bunzl Retail Services, cannabis companies can leverage the tens of years of experience in designing best-in-class supplies programs that utilize sustainably sourced materials.

Cannabis companies can learn the store supplies lessons from other retailers without ever having to go through them first-hand.


Make sure your cannabis dispensaries are fully-stocked with all necessary supplies.

From register tape to shoppers, cannabis dispensaries have a list of supplies that can never be out-of-stock. Bunzl Retail Services provides on-time, consolidated distribution of all necessary dispensary supplies.

Keep every dispensary stocked with the right supplies.

Never run out of the necessary supplies to keep cannabis dispensary up-and-running.