Consumer Electronics

Shopper experience is more important than ever before, especially for consumer electronics retailers.

With Bunzl Retail Services, stores are always stocked with all the right packaging, visual merchandising, signage, and retail supplies to match current store needs—across a retailer’s regional or national footprint.


Helping retailers stay focused on what really matters: shoppers and their consumer electronics purchases

Without the consolidated distribution of store supplies, associates are pulled away from the store floor with package delivery after package delivery on a daily basis. Less time on the store floor means less time that retail team members are helping shoppers discover their next electronics purchase, and less time with shoppers means less sales.

With Bunzl Retail Services, the consolidated distribution of store supplies keeps associates focused on what matters: shoppers and their electronics purchases.

On-time delivery of all goods-not-for-resale (GNFR) to every store across a retailer’s footprint

While Bunzl Retail Services can help source items, its focus (and value) is its on-time, consistent delivery of a consolidated package to every store.

Regardless of how a retailer likes to source their supplies (utilizing their own procurement team or taking advantage of Bunzl’s global network of suppliers), Bunzl Retail Services brings consistent, on-time delivery to every store, nationwide through its national network of distribution centers and fleet.

Store supplies and other not-for-resale goods that are sustainably and ethically sourced

Bunzl Retail Services only partners with suppliers who can ensure safety, social responsibility, and quality control.

In fact, Bunzl Retail Services consistently audits all its suppliers to ensure that all retail supplies and products are sourced from ethical and sustainable vendors. Because Bunzl Retail Services regularly conducts these audits, retailers can trust in their store supplies without spending their own time and due diligence.


Store supplies programs designed specifically for consumer electronics retailers.

Bunzl Retail Services provides on-time, in-full delivery of all supplies, packaging, and other not-for-resale goods through a sustainably-sourced supply chain—and we deliver them to consumer electronics stores in whatever way they need, from direct-to-store to cross dock delivery. Plus, our specialized retail distribution services provide value-added logistics, warehouse operations, procurement, demand planning, and replenishment that are designed with the unique needs of the consumer electronics marketplace.


Bunzl Retail Services provides
distribution programs for everyday operations,
new store openings, store renovations
(and everything in between).

Discover how Bunzl helps retailers improve store efficiences.