Delivering sustainably-sourced
store operations supplies through a
sustainable supply chain.


Bunzl Retail Services helps retailers
achieve their sustainability goals.

With global sourcing expertise and a focus on retail, we create programs that match retailers’ needs for ethically- and sustainably-sourced supplies through an efficient supply chain and logistic program that reduces a retailer’s carbon footprint. 

Retailers can further their sustainability commitment
with the consolidated distribution of store supplies.

  • Reusable shoppers, paper packaging, and sustainable gifting materials

  • Recycled material boxes and paper products
  • Visual merchandising kits with reusable elements or recycled materials
  • Energy efficient lighting and rechargeable equipment
  • Environment-friendly cleaning products and other chemicals
  • Miscellaneous supplies from vendors with environmental audits
  • Other recyclable, compostable and/or reusable shipping supplies
  • Recycling bins and other sustainably-conscious waste management 

Tailored solutions for a better world:
Today, tomorrow and beyond.

Bunzl's global scale, vast experience, flexibility and unwavering passion
means we are perfectly placed to help build a better world.


Bunzl is committed to sustainability: today, tomorrow and beyond.

Bunzl continues its commitment to supporting its customers to to remove, replace and reduce single use plastics.

Bunzl is also significantly increasing the amount of recyclable, compostable or reusable packaging supplied to its customers to help them meet their targets.

In the future, Bunzl is committed to offering every single packing product and disposable to be offered with an alternative that is recyclable, reusable, compostable or renewable.

Tailored sustainability solutions for all of Bunzl's customers

Bunzl has a worldwide commitment to sustainability. Click here to read more about its commitments and its progress.


Discover a more sustainable supply chain.