How to Make a New Store Opening Go Smoother

It’s an encouraging time when a brand is thriving and has the opportunity to open additional locations. While new retail store openings are exciting, they can also bring a lot of stress to the planning team involved.   

There are so many details to manage, and new store openings are usually high-visibility events with both the brand’s leadership team, as well as their current and prospective customers. It can be difficult for the new store planning team to keep track of the many moving pieces and parts, especially when there is more than one new store opening involved.  

While you may know that Bunzl Retail Services can handle retail supplies, we are also often chosen to manage store closings, remodels and the new store opening process for many large retailers across the nation. BRS works to make the process as seamless and cost-effective as possible for our clients, so retailers can focus on their customers and sales.   

Retailers can save money by engaging Bunzl to consolidate new store supplies and large fixture items which allows for one shipment (or a series of shipments) to be coordinated to meet the in-store date and time in alignment with the customer’s new store opening schedule.  

Our National Account Managers, who are all experienced with supporting New Store Openings, gave their advice, offering these 6 tips to make a new retail store opening go smoothly:   

1. Hold Regular Check-ins 

Regular communication about new stores is key. Schedule dedicated meetings to review future new store openings, share updates and plan ahead.   

Be sure to include all relevant customer decision-makers and keep them in the know. Review timelines and ensure alignment on key milestones together with your retail operations partner.   

With these regular status meetings, the entire team will remain aware every step of the way and can address challenges and make informed decisions together faster.   

Continuous communication throughout the new store opening process eliminates the need for additional shipments, resulting in less freight required and lowered waste.   

2. Open Collaboration  

Share relevant information with all invested parties. Include goals for delivery in-store dates and timelines, store addresses, and essential contact information.  

Be sure that your internal retail personnel are apprised of shipment arrival dates and have personnel ready and dedicated to handling items as they arrive.   

3. Place One Comprehensive Order 

Work with all members across departments to develop a list of all items needed to open the store/s. Involving a large cross-departmental team can help cut down on adjustments and additions later in the process.   

Starting the process early and placing an accurate order are important to ensure that your retail store hits its original new store opening date.   


4. Spread Out Store Openings  

Aim to space out your new retail store openings to make the process much easier and with fewer mistakes.   

Create a timeline to open stores at a pace that is manageable strategically. This allows teams to focus on each store as they open.  

5. Standardize Items  

 When possible,  it’s extremely helpful to develop a standard assortment or template for stores to follow. This will create a more accurate and reliable order, which can lead to better forecasting and buying.  

Creating a standard order can also reduce waste and save money. Often retailers may over or underestimate the quantities of products needed for their store openings. It is important to work with the full team to get an accurate number and keep your retail partners apprised of any changes. More precise numbers mean fewer wasted goods and less money wasted on overages.   

6. Consolidate When Possible 

Consolidate store supplies and large fixture items, which allows for one shipment (or a series of shipments) to be coordinated to meet one in-store date and time in alignment.  

Consolidated orders also help support sustainability through fewer trips and less packaging.   


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