5 Tips to Maximize Profits from Store Closures

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When it comes to managing closed stores, time is of the essence. The swift and effective handling of assets can make a significant difference in a retailer’s bottom line. Bunzl Retail Services, your trusted partner, can expedite the process while leveraging its extensive national network, comprehensive supply chain management, and deep industry expertise. In this article, we’ll explore five essential tips to maximize profits from closed store assets and transform potential losses into gains. 

1. Work Quickly

Store closures demand swift action. Retailers need a partner who can rapidly clear assets, and Bunzl Retail Services can act as that expert ally. Our approach isn’t just fast—it’s informed by a vast national network, complete supply chain oversight, and deep industry experience.

2. Optimize Asset Reallocation

A closed retail store hides a treasure trove of untapped assets. To avoid letting these valuable resources go to waste, it’s crucial to act quickly. While the process may seem overwhelming due to the sheer volume of items involved, you can turn this challenge into an opportunity for profit. Bunzl Retail Services (BRS) is here to shoulder the burden and convert these assets into revenue for retailers. By partnering with BRS, you can make the most of untapped resources with ease. 

 3. Streamline Operations for Efficiency

BRS offers a comprehensive solution, from restocking assets to liquidation and recycling, streamlining the entire process. This approach not only ensures sustainability but also eliminates unnecessary costs. As we work to clear your inventory, we speed up exiting leases, making the transition seamless. With BRS, retailers gain access to a one-stop solution for all their asset needs, ultimately boosting their bottom line. 

4. Embrace Sustainability

Efficient store closures provide numerous opportunities to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability. By strategically reallocating goods, fixtures, and other retail supplies to other locations, you can significantly reduce waste and save money. Efficient recycling practices also contribute to lowering your brand’s environmental footprint. Maximizing sustainability in the closure process is not only responsible but also economically beneficial. 

5. Stay Proactive, Not Reactive

In the face of store closures, informed and proactive decision-making can set your brand apart as a leader in the industry. Instead of reacting to market shifts, position your brand as a forward-thinking and proactive player. By making informed choices about store closures, you can significantly improve your bottom line and set a positive example in your industry. 

Managing closed stores effectively is not only about swift action but also about making the most of untapped assets, streamlining operations, embracing sustainability, and adopting a proactive approach. Bunzl Retail Services stands ready to help you navigate the complexities of closed store management, ensuring that you maximize your profits and enhance your brand’s reputation. By following these five essential tips, you can turn the challenge of store closures into a profitable opportunity for your retail business. 


Bunzl’s dedicated reverse logistics team specializes in asset management for store closures. Our team has been trusted by some of the largest retailers in the nation because we make the process more efficient and save money while doing it.  

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Bayan Jablonski

Bayan Jablonski

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